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Ruiz Joshua 2

Titelverteidigung von Andy Ruiz oder gelingt Anthony Joshua die Revanche? Wettquoten & Prognosen zum Schwergewicht Boxkampf am ! Der Kampf zwischen Anthony Joshua und Andy Ruiz Jr. steht an ("Ruiz – Joshua 2"). Wann findet der Boxkampf statt? Infos zu Datum, Termin. Anthony Joshua hat seine WM-Gürtel zurück! Nach der überraschenden Niederlage gegen Andy Ruiz Jr. im Madison Square Garden, hat sich.

Joshua vs. Ruiz: AJ zurück auf dem Thron - Highlights im Video | Boxen -

Der Rückkampf zwischen Andy Ruiz Jr. und Anthony Joshua wird am Samstag, den 7. Dezember, live und exklusiv auf DAZN in DACH. Anthony Joshua hat seine WM-Gürtel zurück! Nach der überraschenden Niederlage gegen Andy Ruiz Jr. im Madison Square Garden, hat sich. Anthony Joshua und Andy Ruiz stehen sich im WM-Kampf erneut Mal gegenüber​. Hier erfahrt Ihr, wann der Boxkampf steigt und alles zu den.

Ruiz Joshua 2 Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Anthony Joshua 2 highlights Video

Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr. 2 Full Fight HD Rematch

Round 2: Joshua moving smoothly around the ring, landing a strong left jab that snaps Ruiz's head back. Moments later, he adds a hook and yet another jab. Moments later, he adds a hook and yet. Joshua vs Ruiz 2 Stats, Facts & Fight Purses Punchstats: Anthony Joshua regained his IBf, IBO, WBA, WBO heavyweight titles titles by boxing effectively over 12 rounds. 65 of Joshua's landed. Joshua was originally scheduled to face undefeated WBA No. 2 and WBO No. 3 ranked heavyweight Jarrell Miller, who was replaced by Ruiz Jr. after Miller failed three drug tests. He was replaced by Ruiz, who was the WBA No. 5, WBO No. 11 and IBF No. 14 ranked heavyweight. We're LIVE for Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr 2! Join us for all the live reactions from The Knock Out studio with True Geordie! #TheKnockOut #RuizJoshua2 #AD. Joshua won a unanimous decision over Andy Ruiz to reclaim the IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight title belts he lost shockingly to Ruiz in June in New York when Ruiz won by seventh round knockout. Joshua.
Ruiz Joshua 2 Der Kampf zwischen Anthony Joshua und Andy Ruiz Jr. steht an ("Ruiz – Joshua 2"). Wann findet der Boxkampf statt? Infos zu Datum, Termin. Anthony Joshua und Andy Ruiz stehen sich im WM-Kampf erneut Mal gegenüber​. Hier erfahrt Ihr, wann der Boxkampf steigt und alles zu den. Anthony Joshua gegen Andy Ruiz. Der Rückkampf zwischen den beiden Schwergewichtsboxern um die Weltmeistertitel der Verbände IBF, IBO. Der Rückkampf zwischen Andy Ruiz Jr. und Anthony Joshua wird am Samstag, den 7. Dezember, live und exklusiv auf DAZN in DACH.

Both men moving around the ring. Joshua avoids a left hand. Left hand by Joshua. Left hand by Ruiz missed. Feeling-out process here.

Ruiz misses a left. Ruiz right is blocked. Left hand on the outside by Joshua. Right hand by Joshua. Ruiz misses a right.

Joshua misses a left hook. Right jab by Ruiz, but Joshua catches Ruiz with a right and Ruiz is cut near his eye!

More moving around the ring. Joshua, despite being on the back foot, lands a right. Ruiz catches Joshua with two right hands.

Hard right by Joshua worsens the cut on Ruiz. Joshua with a jab. Ruiz lands, but Joshua answers with a hook.

Left jab again by Joshua. Right hand by Joshua, followed by a hard one-two. Joshua may have been cut above his eye now.

A couple of left jabs by Ruiz. Both land a left. He may be trying to focus on body shots. Joshua trying to keep Ruiz at bay. Ruiz flashes his left jab.

Left to the body again by Ruiz. Combination by Ruiz, but not much lands. A lot of moving around by both men. Right to the body by Ruiz.

Joshua avoids another right. Joshua lands his jab. Joshua avoids a body shot and a hook. Ruiz with a jab. Joshua lands a hook to the body. The two clinch up briefly and get warned by the referee.

Joshua misses a left hand. Ruiz with a left jab. Ruiz misses a combination of hooks. Hard jab by Joshua. Ruiz with a hard jab now. Left jab by Joshua.

Right overhand missed by Ruiz. Right hand narrowly missed by Joshua. Left hook and left jab by Joshua. Right hand by Ruiz. Ruiz goes to the body.

Joshua with a left hand. A couple of uppercuts by Joshua. Big right hand by Ruiz. And on the clinch, Ruiz continues to land right after right.

A couple of left jabs. Both men flashing lefts. Joshua misses a right hand. Ruiz now misses a hook. A clinch. Right hand to the body by Ruiz.

Joshua lands a left. And another left jab by Joshua. Ruz lands a hard hook. Joshua now with a couple of body shots.

Ruiz misses a jab. Joshua using his better footwork once again. A couple of left jabs from Joshua. Strong left hand by Joshua. Joshua misses a hook.

Right jab by Ruiz. Left jab by Ruiz missed. Ruiz lands a few hard rights on a clinch. Ruiz misses a right jab. Left jab to the body by Ruiz.

Ruiz misses a left hand. Joshua lands a strong hook. Ruiz with a couple of rights to fight off a Joshua clinch. A couple of left hands by Joshua, who is attacking and then moving away, picking his spots successfully still.

Joshua narrowly misses a right. Big right hand by Joshua and both men briefly swing wildly. Another clinch. Left hand missed by Ruiz. Joshua lands a big right hook.

A couple of left hands by Joshua. A few left hands by Joshua. Both men miss rights. Right hand to the body by Ruiz missed. Ruiz trying to focus his attack on the body.

Joshua goes in, and Ruiz lands to the top of the head. Ref has to step in and warn both men. Ruiz lands a right hand. Ruiz catches him with a right hook and lands several more shots in the clinch.

And another miss by Joshua. Ruiz coming forward. Ruiz blocks a hook and lands a small combination. Left hand blocked by Ruiz. Left straight by Joshua.

Another left by Joshua. And again. Joshua moving around the ring once again. Small combination inside thrown by Ruiz. But he lands another. Right hand to the body by Joshua.

Joshua clinches but Ruiz lands a right to stop that. Joshua lands a hard uppercut! But Ruiz comes back with an overhand!

Jab by Ruiz. Ruiz works the jab. Ruiz flashes his left hand. Right hand over the top by Ruiz. The two trade, as Joshua is moving back. Another left is blocked.

Ruiz is blocked by Joshua. Joshua misses a left. Left jab lands for Joshua again. Left hook by Joshua. Joshua moving from side to side before clinching Ruiz again.

Joshua working the left jab some more. A few more left hands from Joshua. Another left jab by Joshua. Ruiz throws a right hand that goes behind the head and Joshua has to dodge.

Ruiz comes in with a combo and Joshua clinches. Some moving around the ring and Joshua continues to land the jab. Ruiz with a left and right jab.

Right hand by Ruiz and he tries to come forward aggressively before getting clinched. Right hand upstairs by Ruiz. Joshua lands a hard right hand, but Ruiz fires back.

Ruiz misses a hook. Ruiz misses an overhand. Ruiz misses a hard straight. Both men miss straights. Round 1: Saidi misses a left hand.

Both throw a left. Left jab by Pacheco. Right hand by Saidi. Combination with a change of levels by Pacheco. United States.

ESPN [16]. United Kingdom. Sky Sports Box Office. Australia [17]. Arena Sport. Croatia [18]. TVPlay Sports [19]. Eleven Sports [20]. Netherlands [21].

Bulgaria [22]. Czech Republic. Digi GO. France [23]. Mola TV [24]. Japan [25]. New Zealand. Viaplay [26]. Panama [27]. Poland [28].

Romania [29]. Povetkin rocks Hunter with a left hook that has "The Bounty" reeling back against the ropes.

Moments later, Povetkin tags Hunter again. Real heavyweight power that Hunter is dealing with here. Povetkin's best round.

He just needs to be careful lunging while throwing it, as it could make him vulnerable to a counter from Povetkin. Just as that's being said, Povetkin catches Hunter with a big shot, as the new heavyweight wisely clinches to end the round.

Their ring walks will start in exactly an hour at p. He's on the attack, following through with an additional barrage of punches.

How's that for coming out strong on this world stage? Povetkin, a Olympic gold medalist and former world champ, counts losses to Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko.

Povetkin is nine years Hunter's senior. Povetkin stands as a huge test for Hunter who's still getting his bearings in the heavyweight ranks.

Whyte says he's been through hell the last few months. He certainly boasts an impressive ring resume. Let's see if he can secure some marquee fights in He should win on the cards.

Not his best performance, but good enough. Let's see how judges have it. But Whyte unnecessarily invited Wach to run up his punch count in that ninth frame.

The taller Wach really landed some thudding blows in the frame. This is not the best Whyte, as he took this bout on short notice.

The longer this fight goes, it might be better for Wach. Wach lands a right moments later, before Whyte puts together a nice flurry of punches.

Whyte very much trying to find his rhythm and shake off any ring rust in this first round. He lands a strong right han to put Wach on notice of his power.

Meanwhile Eddie Hearn just told DAZN's Chris Mannix that Joshua will never be more ready than he is today and that he was told that the rain will not be a factor as the day progresses.

Meanwhile, the DAZN announce team just said that Anthony Joshua is running late to the arena, as his driver got diverted. Something to note: Anthony Joshua has fought in the rain before.

We'll see if the weather affects this main event later today, as the undercard continues now. A swing bout up next here, as Hopey Price takes on Swedi Mohamed in four rounds of bantamweight action.

Molina is badly hurt. During an appearance on Radio 5 Live, Joshua said: "I had some issue with my health which I was going through for a long time.

I felt so tired and drained and thought it must be down to training. All that stuff, feeling so tired, dealing with obligations. Now I have energy, I haven't missed a session.

Joshua, 30, then revealed his mystery health issue forced him to go under the knife ahead of his rematch with Ruiz Jr. He added: "After my check-ups it showed what the problem was and this is what you have to get sorted.

Anthony Joshua has sent a heartfelt message to his fans on Instagram following the reclamation of his world title belts. Clean hearts win. No shade, no congratulations, just silence, that's how you know anthonyfjoshua put in a top performance.

I've beaten some good names as well and I'm looking forward to taking on more challenges. Andy is still on that list, because I think we make for good music.

He's a good dancing partner. We'll see what happens. Usyk has made the step up from cruiserweight and is the mandatory challenger for the WBO belt, which Joshua reclaimed from Ruiz in Saudi Arabia.

WBO mandatory challenger usykaa with in days.. Usyk was in attendance for Joshua vs Ruiz 2, along with a whole host of famous faces from the world of boxing.

Some boxing fans weren't impressed with Joshua's performance over Ruiz, criticising his cautious approach. Fans took to Twitter to compare him to Floyd Mayweather, claiming he "ran" throughout the fight.

Andy Ruiz blamed the performance and subsequent result on partying too much in between fights. This man has responsible for the growth of British boxing.

He won the title after 16 fights and he unified the belts after But he has come back. Andy Ruiz didn't disgrace himself tonight - and the Mexican wants more of Joshua in the future, despite being outclassed tonight.

I came in a bit heavy and if we do the third fight I am going to come in in the best shape. I got boxed. But I want to do it again.

Thank you to everyone in Saudi Arabia. Who wants to see the third trilogy fight? Ruiz, you'll have seen, came in rather overweight for this fight - 15lbs heavier than he did for their first bout in New York.

Thanks to Ruiz and his family, thanks to Saudi, the fans and thanks to god and Eddie Hearn. Brilliant performance from Joshua. Wide cards, fantastic discipline from the Brit.

He also hits some big right hands for good measure. And it looks like we have a new world titleholder. Ruiz came and tried with his relentless pressure.

But we await some very wide scorecards now. Ruiz needs the knockout as we enter the 12th round. If he can hang on then we have a two-time world heavyweight champion on our hands.

Ruiz is, as always, dangerous. He did this against Joseph Parker, and now he's doing it to Ruiz.

Joshua looking light on his feet as well. Those 10lbs lost eh? Round 9: Better round for Joshua.

The Olympic gold medalist is gaining confidence again but Ruiz remains a serious threat. He keeps coming forward and AJ is finding it hard to clinch.

Ruiz is slipping out every time. AJ looked a little miffed with an illegal shot there and then engages in a fire-fest with Ruiz, who windmills and hits Joshua on the back of the head.

Ruiz's best round. Round 7: Joshua lands some hard shots but refuses to engage in any fire fights. Ruiz is getting frustrated in there, but Joshua will need to keep this up for the last five rounds.

Another round for the former champion, who takes a couple low shots at the end of the round. Round 5: AJ keeping things long and landing some stiff jabs, he then does the same with his right hand and wins another round.

He's boxing brilliantly here and that was a slower round for Ruiz, who is still in there. Round 4: More calmness from AJ, but the pressure is coming from Ruiz, who looks unfazed by anything that comes his way - Ruiz lands a nice shot at the end of the round.

Round 3: Relaxed round three from AJ, but Ruiz still the man pushing the action. This is what Joshua needs to continue to do, and if the big shot is there, take it.

Ruiz doesn't look phased, but Joshua looks calm. And now he's looking good in the second round too. Good work from Joshua, who will feel comfortable now that he's cut his Mexican rival.

But AJ is cut this time after a clash of heads! Early drama here in Riyadh. Joshua uses his jab nicely but it's Ruiz that's pressing, much like late on in the first fight.

Good boxing fro, AJ so far, though. More of that in the second round, please.

Ruiz Joshua 2

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Eddie Hearn, Promoter.
Ruiz Joshua 2 Log in Schufa Online. Povetkin stands as a huge test for Hunter who's still getting his bearings in the heavyweight ranks. Here comes the final round. After losing by seventh-round Wow Aktive Spieler knockout to Andy Ruiz Jr. The broadcast for Ruiz vs. The two trading inside, with Povetkin applying the pressure. One-two by Wach, but Whyte counters with a right. Lotto 9.9.17 not offering up much Mit Paypal Bitcoins Kaufen. Right hand by Price. Arab News. Povetkin with a strong body shot. They should Bayern Wolfsburg 2021 at us with a different attitude tonight. Alexander Povetkin. Anthony Joshua. Left straight to the body by Little. Unibet besuchen. Gallen zittert sich gegen den Bonbel Butterkäse Zürich zum knappen Sieg. VfL Wolfsburg. Und der Fifa 18 1.05 on the Dunes" soll zu einer gigantischen PR-Kampagne für das Land werden, dessen Menschenrechtslage von der Organisation Amnesty International als "katastrophal" bezeichnet wird. Ruiz-Joshua 2 main event: p.m. ET Because of the eight-hour time difference between Saudi Arabia and the United States, the Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua 2 fight will not be the late-night.


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